Being the CEO of one of the leading and most reliable Caribbean citizenship firms, Dr. Aly El Dakroury has proven his strong presence in the citizenship-by-investment industry. Having more than 29 years of experience in contracting, building, and immigration. Today, he is running more than 160 employees around the world.
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Dr. Aly El Dakroury's Immigration Firm Marks a Milestone

Dr. Aly's journey is nothing short of remarkable. Recently, CTrustGlobal, his immigration firm, celebrated a significant milestone - 30 years of excellence in the field.


Prime Minister OF DOMINICA
Words of appreciation
for Dr. Aly

Spoken publicly in front of Dominica citizens residing in UAE.


Attain your freedom with dual citizenship, foreign companies and overseas
Many individuals approach me with essential yet often overlooked questions about strategic investments. These individuals possess considerable wealth, yet they lack the knowledge on how to safeguard themselves in the face of unexpected challenges.

Hard times don't send an invitation; they simply arrive. Without a solid foundation, you might find yourself vulnerable to life's unexpected blows.

This book encapsulates the wisdom I've gained through years of overcoming challenges and reaching the pinnacle of success. Its significance lies not just in the triumphs but in the lessons learned from numerous setbacks.

A personal journey documented to empower you in your pursuit of financial security. Exclusively available upon request, this book is a testament to my commitment to sharing the path to true freedom.

Worth mentioning recognitions

Dr. Aly shares with you his triumphant moments from receiving numerous international recognitions.

an official agent for Dominica citizenship by investment program

aN authorized agent for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by investment

With higher officials

Trusted by Governments all over the world

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Plan today to succeed tomorrow, achieve the freedom you deserve
It's not an easy job to be wealthy, but the hardest task to sustain and improve it.
Every door needs a key; the key to success is taking all necessary considerations into account.
Wealth is of no value unless you possess the freedom that you deserve
Life's journey is full of opportunities. Do not depress yourself if you face a closed-door; alternatives are always there. Just focus and be dedicated.
If you plan to migrate, be careful. It is not important where you go, but who welcomes you.
A CEO  who is a global citizen.
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